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Knowledge Building Through Construction

So, some of the primary thoughts that I’ve had around the Maker Cart and future FabLab are that they are generative spaces. That is that they serve to broaden and deepen the potential of the learning environment through the affordances, both actual and virtual, of the tools.

This is to say there is no reason to narrowly frame the space in terms of how it can serve just one Passion, but rather how can it serve any number of the passions at once. For example while it may serve a Passion around designing and constructing architectural spaces through the utilization of TinkerCad and 3D printers, it can also serve to deepen the Passions of geocaching, nature walking, and mapping concurrently by allowing for embroidering GPS pathways and waypoints in conductive thread as a map of everyone’s experiences and patterns of movement in each of those passions. This could be a collaborative tapestry that then even leads into map of where the 3D printed buildings are located.

This is a rhizomatic manner of thinking about the affordances of these maker spaces. It also goes back to how, as Rafi was talking about, we can make thinking visible. This of course also feeds right back into, Tarrey’s showing by doing of the things that are possible with these spaces. It is a way, through making both the children’s, and teacher’s thinking visible to illustrate the potential of the Maker Cart, and FabLab in the teaching space of the classrooms, and the interconnectivity of the various “disciplines” that we teach children.