Preparing to Make!

I’ve always believed that building was a universal link to many threads of learning. When given the option to construct a class I’ve tending to develop it around building, designing, or making something (a boat, an environment, models, etc.). At The Project School we believe that kids should have an opportunity during their day, week, or experience at the school to engage deeply in something they are passionate about or passionate about learning more about…we call that passions!

Here is a description:

Each week, students engage in a deep study of something they are passionate about. These teacher-, student-, and community-member designed courses of study are rigorous, inquiry-based, and experiential. Passions is based largely on the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of flow. Flow is a state that is reached when one is so engaged in an activity that all sense of time, and possibly place, is temporarily lost. For example, an artist may be “in flow” while painting and an avid gardener while gardening. Passions works to create the culture and conditions that will allow students and teachers to reach a state of flow while engaged in something they are intrinsically motivated to do. Periodically (at least twice a year), students will have an opportunity to choose a passion and engage in a multiage class with peers who share their interest. These courses of study are directly and intentionally linked to developing the Habits of Heart, Mind and Voice. Teachers use the same curricular and assessment process in designing, implementing, and evaluating the Passions curriculum.

When I was introduced to the idea of the Maker Movement I immediately went to passions as a place to “try this on” in a school setting. I’m excited to explore and play with kids as I learn more about this with them. That’s probably the most authentic component of what we are doing here…learning together.

More to come…



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